What is Anti-Block feature in InstaAuto

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Apr 21, 2018
What is Follow/Like Block

If you run multiple Instagram accounts doing mass Follow/Unfollow or Mass liking then it's pretty easy to predict that you already faced Follow/Like Blocks. When your account tries to Follow/Like someone but Instagram blocks your action because it marked your action as spam. There are a lot of reasons why Instagram marks accounts as spam: non-unique images, bad bio, bad URLs etc. But the most important thing nowadays is proxy. Low quality proxy servers will cause Follow/Like blocks more often than anything.

What is Anti-Block feature in InstaAuto

Basically Anti-block feature adds unique residential system proxy to each account. It means that all actions will be made using system proxy servers. Anti block can be used to follow, like, comment, send direct messages & unfollow (unfollowing is free), this means that you don't have to pay for your own proxies but only a small fee for successful requests(actions). You don't pay if action is not finished (for example if anti-block didn't work) or if your accounts resting etc. Keep in mind that Anti-block won't give 100% follow/like rate that's why you'll be charged only for successful requests.

To use Anti-block you must have Valars API Token with positive balance. Every successful request (Follow/Like) costs $0.1 for 1000 Follows/Likes and $0.2 per 1000 Comments/DMs, Unfollowing is FREE. As far as this feature will gain popularity among users prices may be lowered.

There are 2 ways of using Anti-block:

1.Permanent using of Anti-block
In this case you don't pay for your own proxy. You just pay for successful actions $0.1 per 1000 Follow/Likes or $0.2 per 1000 Comments/DMs (Unfollowing is FREE). So all you need to do is top-up
API Token and connect it to InstaAuto.

Lets do some quick maths for 1 account doing 300 successful Follows/Unfollows per day:
300 Follows * 30 days * 0.1$ / 1000 Actions = $0.9 per month
300 Unfollows * 30 days * 0$ / 1000 Actions = $0 per month
Same maths for 1 acc doing 500 successful likes per day:
500 Likes * 30 days * 0.1$ / 1000 Actions = $1.5 per month
For 1 account doing 200 successful Comments/DMs per day:
200 Comments/DMs * 30 days * 0.2$ / 1000 Actions = $1.2 per month
2.Using Anti-block only after your account faced action block using your proxy.
In this case you run accounts using your own proxy for free untill your account faces action block - then InstaAuto turns ON Anti-block feature and it will be used untill restart.

You can also use only your own proxy servers - in this case all actions are free and you pay only for InstaAuto licence.
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