What is a pre-lander? Why and how do we use them?

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Jan 20, 2018
This thread has been created to explain exactly what a pre-lander is, what purpose it serves on Instagram, how we use them, and why we use them. The definition of a pre-lander is quite simple. It is a web page that comes before your actual CPA offer or money site. First of all, there are two types of pre-landers. There is the desktop pre-lander, which of course is shown to those Internet users browsing on a desktop computer. Then there is a mobile pre-lander, which is shown to those Internet users who are browsing on their mobile smartphones.

It is no secret that mobile Internet usage has exploded since smartphones first appeared on the scene, especially here in the last several years. Although I am not going to be getting into any detailed statistics, I felt it was important to mention just how much mobile Internet usage has grown. After all, let’s face it, most Instagram users are logged in via the Instagram app which they have installed on their mobile device. Due to the fact some people still access Instagram on their desktop, all of the pre-landers that either come with the accounts sold on the store or are sold separately on their own are automatically optimized for both desktop and mobile visitors. Luckily, this is one less step you have to worry about because it is already done for you!

So by now you may be wondering why we use pre-landers on Instagram in the first place. Well, these days they are required if you want your accounts to experience any type of longevity. Not too long ago, pre-landers were not required on Instagram and people were simply cloaking the links in their bios. In short, when any link is “cloaked,” Facebook/Instagram bots would be redirected to a White Hat website while real users would be redirected to whichever offer (money site) was being promoted at the time.

However, today things have changed. According to our experience, Instagram easily detects cloaked links by matching the experience of their users within a real/embedded browser either on a desktop, mobile platform, or within the Instagram app itself to the experience of their bots. If something differs between the experience of their real users and the experience of their army of bots, the account in question is flagged and very well could receive the ban hammer.

For example, Instagram will follow each redirect from the link(s) within your bio until they hit the final destination, download the source code, and if it differs from what their users and bots see, that is where the problem lies. Instagram will also check if the final destination URL is used across multiple accounts. If there are too many accounts using the same base domain located within the final URL (the URL after all auto redirections after the user clicks on your bio link), of course this will also cause your account(s) and domain(s) to be flagged. Regardless of whether if 301 redirects or JavaScript redirects are being used, Instagram will follow each redirect until their bot reaches the final URL. However, Instagram (and their bots) do not click on links.

With that said, in order to avoid this problem, we have developed and started to utilize pre-landers. The reason the problem is solved is because pre-landers do not use redirects, so the end URL that Instagram’s bots land on is where the pre-lander is hosted. At the moment, we are using Tumblr microblogs to host all of our basic (not including .COM) pre-landers because we have found that these are working out best at this point in time.

I will now describe how the pre-lander process works. First of all, our Tumblr pre-lander links are all shortened with Bit.ly redirects. When an Instagram user clicks on the Bit.ly link within your bio, they are then redirected to a Tumblr web page which hosts whichever template you have chosen to use on your pre-lander. Next, in order for the user to proceed to your money site or offer, he/she has to click on the pre-lander. This is why the experience of real Instagram users and bots are theoretically equal. Therefore, this presents much less risk of the flagging or banning of your account(s).

Not only is the pre-lander method safe for both Black Hat and White Hat campaigns, pre-landers tend to generally increase your conversions rates and/or EPCs (Earnings per Click) due to the fact that the user is required to perform an extra action (by clicking on the pre-lander) in order to reach your money site or offer page, which means their interest is piqued and they are more likely to buy what you’re selling or complete your offer. This is yet another advantage of pre-landers because the lower your conversion ratios and/or the higher your EPCs, this can give you more bargaining power with your affiliate network in order to bump your payouts (this is never guaranteed, however).

With all of the above said, it is recommended that you use some of the most popular TLDs (the number one being .COM) to host your pre-landers when running White Hat campaigns because they are of much higher quality than Tumblr blogs. It is important to note that .COM pre-landers are also shortened with Bit.ly links as well. If you are promoting a single website, such as an E-commerce store, you can simply use one TLD, but you can only add your link to the bio across 15 to 20 accounts per day in order to remain safe. When utilizing Tumblr pre-landers, you can add links to as many accounts as you are capable of using at any given time.

Upon visiting the store, you will see there are both Tumblr pre-lander URLs and .COM pre-lander URLs sold separately at rock-bottom prices! All pre-lander URLs sold individually come in the format of a subdomain (sub.tumblr.com) and (sub.domain.com). Of course, as mentioned earlier, the .COM pre-lander URLs are of higher quality and therefore highly recommended for White Hat campaigns.

When you visit the store, one of the best things about our pre-landers that you’ll notice right away is that all of the accounts that are for sale (all except one type of account) come with Tumblr pre-lander URLs already inserted and saved for you directly in each account’s bio. The value of this component alone is priceless in itself! However, it doesn’t stop there. When you purchase accounts and other products from the Valar Instagramis store you are provided with many valuable and automated tools 100% free of charge.

By being given access to all of these excellent tools, you can continuously maintain and update all of the accounts and other products you purchase from the store; you are not just another customer who is simply forgotten after you complete your purchase. With that said, this brings about the perfect opportunity to discuss a couple of the tools provided to every customer (big or small) who shops with Valar Instagramis.

It is important to note that we do not only provide you with one type of pre-lander. Any customer who purchases accounts which already contain a link within the bio have the choice of choosing from several different beautifully-designed pre-landers separated across different niches and languages. Before using any accounts purchased from the store, the customer will save a lot of time by using the Bulk Pre-lander URL Updater tool that will update the links within each account’s bio, enter their CPA offer or money site URL the pre-lander will redirect to, choose the template that suits them and their niche best, and finally it would be very wise to test each and every link after running the tool.

Let’s go ahead and launch the Bulk Pre-lander URL Updater. Once you have opened this tool, you will notice there is a textbox where you insert each of the accounts you have purchased (one per line) in the exact format in which they were received.

All accounts come in the following format:

Let’s say you purchased the five accounts located above. You would copy and paste all five accounts into the Bulk Pre-lander URL Updater (again, one per line) and directly below the box in which you’ve pasted your accounts, you’ll notice another (smaller and skinnier) box where you’ll paste your CPA offer or money site URL. This is the URL that the visitor will automatically be redirected to once he/she clicks on your pre-lander. Now it’s time to choose the pre-lander template that will appeal best to the offer, niche, and/or campaign you are running.

Choosing from a template is simple. You will notice a drop-down menu right under where you entered your CPA offer or money site URL. As mentioned earlier, you will notice that you have a choice to select from various pre-landers in several different languages. Once all the necessary information has been entered and selected, simply press the “Submit” button and watch the tool do its magic. After the tool has completed its task, it will tell you how many bio links were updated. In this case, my result was 5/5.

In order to test each Bit.ly link to ensure that the tool has done its job correctly, you can either load each of your five accounts in an embedded browser and manually click on your Bit.ly link, as well as your pre-lander. Alternatively, you can repeat the same process by simply copying and pasting each link into your browser of choice.

All Tumblr Pre-landers come in the following format:
Please be aware that there is a semi-colon (";") that separates two links.

The Bit.ly link on the left redirects to your pre-lander.

The Admin link on the right enables you to edit your CPA offer or money site
link along with your pre-lander template.

Let’s say instead of purchasing accounts this time around, you’ve only opted to purchase the five Tumblr pre-landers located above. Instead of using the Bulk Pre-lander URL Updater tool, you would instead copy and paste the Admin URL into your browser of choice. This tool functions much like the Bulk Pre-lander URL Updater tool, however this time there is no account data to enter due to the fact that you are only changing the link your pre-lander will redirect to once it is clicked and subsequently you will be selecting the pre-lander itself.

In conclusion, within the Bulk Pre-lander URL Updater tool and the single pre-lander Admin panel, you will notice that you still have the option to skip any pre-lander altogether and redirect your Bit.ly link straight to your offer or money site. This option may be present, but of course is not recommended due to the risk of your account getting flagged or banned due to automatic detection by Instagram’s bots. It is best to play it safe, use pre-landers, and keep your accounts alive much longer than to risk a mass wave of bans.

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Jan 20, 2018
Yeah. These pre-landers hide cpa links using javascript cloaking method.
We have database of all IPv4/IPv6 addresses of facebook and instagram.
However we don't do any changes on HTML page which is why IG does not detect it.
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