I need help regarding these.


New member
Jul 6, 2018
I'm thinking to start my IG journey. But first can someone answer these questions-

01. How much relevance it is to drive traffic from IG to my wordpress site created for earning from adsense purpose only and not for a AM or CPA..?? I mean to say, suppose I'll post 5 times a day in IG. In those 5 times, how many times I can post a link to my website/blog post safely without get a ban..??

02. If I buy a VPS for JARVEE, is this mandatory to buy proxy if I plan to operate only 2-3 IG account..??

03. If I buy 5-7 years old aged account, how many should I warm-up those accounts..?? And what will be action after that, I mean after 3 days of warm-up 100 total actions (follow+unfollow+like+comment) per day for next 3days, 200 total actions per day for next 3days and so on ect..?? Or should I go more aggressively ..??

Please have some time to reply to those questions. This is my first IG journey and I don't to be a loser in my first attempt.

Thanks in advance.
Akash M.