How to still buy products on using Paypal

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Alex Glesser

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Apr 21, 2018
As you may know we had to remove Paypal as payment method from the store. But you still can buy products at using paypal and in this guide I will explain how to do that.

The only product in the store that can be bought via Paypal is API token.

1) Buy API token balance using Paypal here:

buy api token.png

2) Find your API token in the order details in your email, you will need it.

find API token.png

You can always check your API token balance here:

3)Use your API token to buy any products in the store. In this example I will buy 10 Magnet accounts using my API token:

a) Open
b) Enter amount of accounts and click 'Pay using API token'

pay using api token.png

c) Enter same email which you used when purchased API token


d) Enter your API token and click 'PAY VIA TOKEN':

enter api token.png

*If after you have clicked on 'PAY VIA TOKEN' you see message that email has been sent to v**** then please contact support:

e) You will receive email from Custom Pay. Click the link in the received email and wait a bit:

click the link.png

d) Done! You received your products!


You can buy ANY product in the store using API token balance. Enjoy your shopping.
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